Why do 70-90% of women who see an ultrasound choose life?


Because all notions of the unborn child being only a group of cells quickly vanish as the heartbeat is detected, and movement is seen on that ultrasound screen.


Because the visual connection with the baby causes that innate motherly instinct of love and protection to kick in and brings her to a place of considering her son or daughter her child, not just a "fetus".


Because all seemingly insurmountable challenges, expectations of missed opportunities and dreams, and fear of what others think, although not completely forgotten, take a back seat to a new hope that this can work, that somehow she will make it work, for her child's sake, for her family's sake.


Because although it may be legal, and although people may think it's the right choice for her, abortion is no longer an option, because what she has seen trumps all the things she heard.


Help us put ultrasounds in more crisis pregnancy centers, and help us help women see life, so they can choose life.


Read stories of women who saw an ultrasound and chose life.

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